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Frequently Asked Questions

Belize Birding Tours™ FAQ

Belize Birding Tours Male Snail Kite Photo from Bermudian Landing, Belize

• Why are the trips so expensive?

Operating costs in Belize have doubled in the past three years as the economic crunch has strongly affected global tourism. Gas prices are close to double US prices, for example. Hotel and food costs also have doubled. Since we offer private tours, with fewer clients, we can assure that you will see significantly more birds than you would if you booked a budget tour with 20 other people.

On tours of that size, all the birds are scared away by the noise of the group before you get even fifty feet down the trail. So, you've traveled all that way to Central America, only to miss out on what you see readily on Belize Birding Tours' expeditions.

• I am a serious birder, but my partner is more casual. Is this a problem?

Not at all. Since you are booking a private tour, we can accommodate all levels of birding skill and interest. Our guides are more than happy to assist every member of the tour learn tropical birding techniques to enhance their tour experience and birding success in this most challenging of natural environments.

• What is the advantage of choosing a Belize Birding Tours™' tour over a lodge-based one?

On our tours, you visit the widest variety of locations possible in the entire country of Belize, which means we cover more variety of habitats. That translates to the opportunity to see more various species of birds.

At a lodge, you are stuck walking the same trails day after day in one habitat only. You see the same birds and, overall, you see fewer different species. Plus, you miss out on the wonderful scenery of Belize and Tikal, Guatemala that our overland tour offers.

• Will I see all the birds on my Wish-List?

There are no guarantees that we will see every bird you wish to find. Some birds occur in certain seasons that other birds don't, so you'd have to visit twice to see both, for example. We commonly see between 100 and 250 species of birds on a typical trip, depending highly on itinerary, length of tour, participants' birding skill level, weather and, most of all, good luck.

Belize Birding Tours Snail Kite Photo from Crooked Tree, Belize

• I want to bird every minute of every day, so why do we take a siesta at mid-day on some of the days?

Traveling in the tropics requires a different activity pattern during each day. If we bird every second of daylight, the short answer is that people get sick, cranky and have a miserable time due to heat exhaustion and fatigue.

Your guide has developed the tour to maximize birding opportunities, while keeping everyone healthy, happy and comfortable. We've successfully chosen this approach after 25 years of working in the tropics with visiting tourist bird watchers.

• What can I expect in terms of weather and climate in Belize and Tikal, Guatemala?

Belize is a tropical climate that is highly affected by the Caribbean Sea to the east. Temperatures are warm on a year-round basis (75°-90°) with highly variable humidity, depending on recent precipitation events. Tropical breezes make the climate quite comfortable, especially when compared to Chicago, Boston, or even Virginia, USA in the wintertime.